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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thrift Stores

Going to the thrift store tomorrow, shopping on the cheap. Thrift stores are good places to find clothes no one else has, they're better than buying clothes from a hot topic, or some other mainstream bullshit store. Don't get me wrong hot topic was cool before it sold out to wanna be pop stars that can only be liked by 12 year old pseudo-rebels. Why bother buying all your shit at a high price when you could just mix and match, look better, and save some money. I'm pretty sure money doesn't come very easy, it's a smart idea. Just saying.


  1. I too shop at thrift stores, also ebay has some great clothing for really cheap if you know what you looking for.

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  2. i've found some great deals at thrift stores!

  3. nned to find glow in the dark paint, thrift stores have it?

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